What they say (if you're a musician too, don't hesitate to drop a line )

Terrific textures, dark tones and sonic explorations on these tracks ...really loved getting lost in the soundscapes  - Mike White


Beautiful sound - Grinch Dollaz


Mystical - Chuck Brunicardi


Amazing stuff ! - Small Days


Groovy ! - Porno Carpa


Very original - Derek Middleton


The incredible capacity of 'The Merricks' to place emotion "hopeful suspense" in these songs AMAZES me - Marco Akamawa


Stellar alternative sounds - Sur Rod


Fantastic music ...you are a master of sounds - Healing Colors


Brilliant ! - Jim Petrol


Awesome ! - 404


Master on atmosphere developing! - Shiong On Jay


Great tunes. Really dig the vibe and unique combination of instrumentation. - Alphanaut


Love the use of tones and textures bringing across and great visual experience - Chabha


Superb tracks, very creative sonic journeys. - Electric Mystical Sound Vibration

20 votes. Average: 5.00 / 5.