About The Merricks







Since I was able to use fingers and voice, I created MUSIC ! It always sounded magical and completely real to me.

Along with other artistics skills and writing, music gave me the opportunity to invoke special times and special spaces.

The Merricks project is a solo one, for I have been playing with a lot of people but never found what I was looking for.

More precisely, after 20 years in the cloud of very heteroclit bands in the 90's (punk, new wave, electro), I decided to found my own sound as a solo artist.

The project was born in the fall of 2009 and it still continues, with your support, I hope !

I released not more than 185 albums in only 5 years !!!!

I have no attachmend to any kind of genre of music... I just play what I feel !

Sometimes it's ambient, sometimes it's harsh and sometimes it's quite psychedelic!

I don' t want to restray my imagination, so I compose as I feel, no matter whatever others think about it.

I use physical devices and mix them (sometimes) to digital. I find it interesting to get a virtual fight between physics and digital way of composing.

3 CDs have been released until now : Muddy sunrays (2014), Autumn dog (2015) and The Chewed man inside (2016).











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